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40 Years Of Hands-on Practical Experience

A vital part of the health community is the medical laboratory. Laboratory tests are important in making a correct diagnosis, in determining the extent of a problem and in monitoring the effectiveness of a treatment.

Our full-service medical lab operates under the highest standards of quality and precision and is state and federally approved. The reasonable rates charged for the quality service rendered by our professionals makes utilizing our laboratory a practical and economical alternative to maintaining and staffing an in-house lab.

Parkway Clinical Laboratory handles tests in all categories including bacteriology, serology, hematology, chemistry and urinalysis. Our fast turnaround time makes next-day reports possible and, in some cases, same-day reports. Accuracy of test results is always assured and confidentiality of reports is maintained at all times.

Serving the community through its medical affiliations with hospitals, nursing homes, physicians, industry and individuals, Parkway Clinical Laboratory provides fast, dependable laboratory test results.  

Additionally, Parkway Clinical Laboratory is held in the highest regard by the medical establishments it serves.

Parkway Clinical Laboratory is licensed by the federal government (CLIA), State of  Georgia;  Medicare and Medicaid

If you need dependable, accurate and speedy test results, contact Parkway Clinical Laboratory at (404) 362-1310 today.